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ACE WGS Cockpits

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Image of ACE WGS Cockpits
  • Image of ACE WGS Cockpits
  • Image of ACE WGS Cockpits
  • Image of ACE WGS Cockpits

The Advanced Cockpit makes it easy for you to keep your playing materials organized and and easy to move around the table if need be. It is designed to enhance the use of house and campaign rules and features these benefits:

Maneuver Deck place holder.
Ammo place holder (for use with Limited Ammo house rules).
Aircraft Stat card place holder.
Damage place holders.
Damage Dial to track how much damage your plane has taken (no more counting damage points during the game!).
Maneuver selection slots (with the maneuver cards facing you, you will never make a wrong turn again!).
Altitude Dial (Easily keep track of your planes altitude and number of climb counters with out the use of counters or pen and paper!)
Two additional dials to keep track of other things like fuel load, etc.
Three toggle sliders to keep track of time effects like fire/smoke or ace skill recovery.

Comes apart for easy storage and transport. Requires 4 altitude pegs with the tips clipped off (not included) to mount dials on.

Laser cut and engraved from black acrylic with a brushed aluminum appearance.