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Breguet BR.14 A2 - Stanley/Folger (WGS212C)

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Image of  Breguet BR.14 A2 - Stanley/Folger (WGS212C)

The Breguet 14 was one of the best all–round Allied two–seaters of the war, produced in large quantities for both recon and light bombing. Constructed largely of duraluminum and welded steel tubing, the airplane was light, sturdy, and very fast, with many features that were revolutionary for the day. It was the most common French two–seater in 1918 and was also used by USA and Belgium. This aircraft was widely used for both day and night bombing in the last year of the war. About 8000 were built before the war ended.

Contains one miniature and everything needed to fly that aircraft. Game rules not included.