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Dornier Do.17 Airplane Packs

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Image of Dornier Do.17 Airplane Packs
  • Image of Dornier Do.17 Airplane Packs
  • Image of Dornier Do.17 Airplane Packs
  • Image of Dornier Do.17 Airplane Packs
  • Image of Dornier Do.17 Airplane Packs

The Dornier Do.17, designed in the early 1930s, was one of the most important German bombers during the first years of the war. The Do.17 Z was its most advanced version, with a new cockpit design, extended to insert a rear firing gunner, new more powerful engines, and more effective defensive armament. First adopted in 1939, the Z–version was also used for reconnaissance missions and as a night fighter. The Z–version was extremely resistant to enemy weapons and able to execute disengagement dives at high speed.

Kampfgeschwader 76 (KG76) was formed on 1 May 1939 in Austria and fought in most of the WW2 campaigns, from the invasion of Poland to the very end of the war. After being trained on Dornier Do.17 E at the end of 1939, the formation adopted the Dornier Do.17 Z, used during the Battle of Britain. KG76 was involved in multiple bombing raids over England, before moving to the Eastern Front.

The Dornier Do.17 Z–10, was one of the last versions of Do.17. It was modified from a bomber to a night–fighter, because the Germans needed a night–fighter with a longer range. Among the improvements made, the Z–10 had a custom–built nose containing four 7.92mm MG 17s and two 20mm MG FF cannons, and the addition of heavy steel plates bolted to the nose bulkhead as extra armor, to protect the crew against frontal fire. The Z–10 contained an IR searchlight for the Spanner infrared detection system, but it proved to be a failure in practice; a single airplane was equipped with and tested the Lichtenstein radar system.

Nachtjagdgeschwader 2 (NJG2) was a Luftwaffe unit equipped with the Do.17 Z–10, formed at Dusseldorf and later based in the Netherlands. They became famous for a series of successful night raids across the North Sea against RAF Bomber Command airfields.

This WW2 Wings of Glory® Squadron Pack includes one ready–to–play model, painted and assembled; a decal sheet to customize your model as one of the airplanes from a famous squadron; and everything you need to play (special base with gaming stats, altitude stands, and a deck of airplane, skill and maneuver cards) with the model.