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Nieuport 16 - Airplane Packs


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the Nieuport 16 was an evolution of the Nieuport 11, reinforced and modified to fit a new, more powerful engine, and used as a fighter, bomber escort, and in balloon busting. It was armed with a single Lewis machine–gun, set in a difficult to reach position over the upper wing and when used in balloon busting with four Le Prieur rockets on each side. With a top speed of over 100 mph, it was superior to its predecessors, but lacked in maneuverability; still, it represented an important stepping stone for the Nieuport line.

Nieuport 16 (Ball)
Considered a “lone wolf,” Albert Ball was a British ace scoring multiple victories on this Nieuport, including the destruction of an observation balloon with phosphor bombs.

Nieuport 16 (Navarre)*
First French pilot to be officially declared an ace, Jean Navarre was known as the 'sentinel of Verdun', flying solo for lengthy hours, tracking enemy aircraft from below and behind, machine gun at the ready.

Each WW1 Wings of Glory® Airplane Pack is a ready–to–play model, painted and assembled, 100% compatible with any other WW1 Wings of Glory game product. In each pack you will find all you need to play with the airplane: a special base with gaming stats, a variable altitude flying stand, and a specific deck of cards.

* Jean Navarre's Nieuport 16 model is included in the WW1 Wings of Glory Tripods & Triplanes Starter Set - not available as Airplane Pack.