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Rumpler C.IV - Luftstreitkrafte FA 7 sn.8231 (WGS211A)

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Image of  Rumpler C.IV - Luftstreitkrafte FA 7 sn.8231 (WGS211A)

The Rumpler C.IV was a fine example of the basic two–seater reconnaissance airplane in WW1, with easy handling and particularly good high–altitude performance. For this purpose, a camera lens hole was cut in the fuselage under the observer’s position. The airplane was also fitted to carry 100kg/220lbs of light bombs on the wings, giving it a wide range of missions. Released in early 1917, its usefulness meant the airplane was still in the front–line use at the end of the war, both on the Western Front and the Middle East. About 1150 were built by war’s end.

Contains one miniature and everything needed to fly that aircraft. Game rules not included.